About Us

Wilson Earthworks Pty Ltd was formed in 2006 to satisfy customer requirements for Excavation and Earthworks. This business has developed well and is expanding successfully. Additional capabilities have been added to the organization to include Underground Cable Laying capabilities.

Our Vision

To continue to provide quality, reliability and safe work practices on all the projects we undertake.
To continue to deliver projects on time and within budget
To continue to look for ways in which we can improve all aspects of our business

Our Focus

Our focus is committed to providing a Quality based service that meets or exceeds our customers requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional and cost effective manner., to work effectively and efficiently in a diverse range of environmental settings and provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, customers, visitors and the general public.

The Wilson Earthworks OHS management system is comprised of five elements, which are:

  1. Commitment and policy - Wilson Earthworks should develop and implement relevant OHS policies and ensure commitment to the Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  2. Planning - Wilson Earthworks should plan to fulfill the Corporate OHS policy, objectives and targets
  3. Implementation - For effective implementation, Wilson Earthworks should develop the capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve Corporate OHS policy, objectives and targets.
  4. Measurement and evaluation - Wilson Earthworks should measure, monitor and evaluate its OHS performance, and take preventative and corrective action.
  5. Management review and improvement - Wilson Earthworks should regularly review and continually improve its OHS Management System, with the objective of improving its overall OHS performance.